Advantages of WiFi Security Cameras

  • WiFi cameras are easy to set up and can sit on a tabletop as long as you have access to power nearby.
  • WiFi cameras can be more affordable because they don’t require professional installation.
  • Footage from your camera is often backed up to the cloud so you can remotely view your cameras
  • Cameras can literally be picked up and moved, as long as there is a power point nearby; WiFi means they don’t need cables to transmit the data.

Disadvantages of WiFi Security Cameras

  • WiFi cameras can put a strain on your internet and can be subject to dropouts, especially outdoor cameras where structures such as buildings and trees can impede the signal.
  • WiFi cameras require power access close by so this can limit your placement options, especially if you want to monitor outside.
  • Video is limited with WiFi cameras because of the cost to upload video to the cloud.
  • WiFi cameras are often vulnerable to theft because they are not professionally installed.

If you’re still not sure whether a WiFi camera is a good investment, here at Cilia System we offer a hybrid camera system using PoE cameras and a server which gives customers the best of both worlds. Users can live view cameras remotely, review motion events in the cloud, receive alarm alerts, and capture 24/7 HD video locally.




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