In past decade there is no any technology of bus surveillance system is to be developed so it were became difficult to monitor what’s going inside the buses. Students are under the vigilance of teachers in school premises, but when they are traveling on the school bus, it is not always the case. Usually, there may be just one or two teachers in charge of a bus full of students, which makes it very difficult to monitor everything that is happening. Bullying and other malicious incidents that could harm the child could be going unnoticed.

With changes in technology, Video Surveillance Systems are now offering more comprehensive coverage of the School Bus — both inside and outside — as well as features that can save time in managing video footage and monitoring system health. Future school buses are the one that combines technological features such as on-board Wi-Fi, camera, Global Positioning System, driver support tools, etc.

Ambicam can also be used for in Mobile Vehicle Surveillance. Following diagram shows a bus with Ambicam installed. It can get connected via city Wi-Fi or it can use 3G/4G connectivity via Mi-Fi router.


  • School Buses can take Immediate and real time actions either on Driver or Student in case of irregularity identified.
  • Proposed Device supports Live streaming at minimum speed as low as 2G.
  • Proposed solution is working with 4G/3G/2G SIM card and wifi both.
  • Surveillance and confirmation of identity can be accomplished by collating entry surveillance and video surveillance information.
  • Administrative auto monitoring system with secured Video Streaming Surveillance Tablets to monitor each School Buses.
  • Along with cloud recording, all data are stored in SD card also. So at the end of the day the data from SD card will be transferred to local storage system at Depot.


  • DETER BULLYING & VANDALISM – Monitor on-board student activity
  • ENSURE STUDENT RIDERSHIP – Video evidence of when and where each student boards and exits the bus
  • DOCUMENT CHAIN OF EVENTS – Create indisputable evidence and quickly dismiss false claims
  • WIRELESS DOWNLOADING – Hands-free video downloading at your convenience
  • TRACK ROUTES, VEHICLES, AND STUDENTS IN REAL-TIME – View all the buses in single map without importing GPS position data


Using the Ambicam cameras in bus surveillance systems decrease the problem of parents and make the task of put an eyes on children becomes easier form anywhere and anytime just logging into the Ambicam app. Ambicam camera also work on 4G/3G/2G SIM CARD and Wi-Fi both. It is an excellent way to showcase your brand with its services, products, company culture and people while being more personal and interactive with the audience.