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Since security has become a great concern in today’s world, many apartment communities have started installing CCTV cameras.Closed-circuit television (CCTV)’s are mandatory in and around your house premises for your own safety and security. Many of the Delhi’s residential colonies have made mandatory the CCTV installment in their respective.The CCTV cameras work safety monitoring and reviewing the footage and keep a watch on whoever enters and exits the apartment premises. Residents should also implement one inside the house as there can be no compromise when it comes to security.

What are CCTV Cameras?

Closed Circuit Television cameras also known as security cameras provide homeowners and business owners to keep an eagle eye in the apartment premises or individual houses free from any kind of crime or theft.

Benefits of CCTV cameras

1) Security cameras make it easy to keep your residents safe from any kind of discourage violence and other crimes from occurring on your premises.

2) A network of IP cameras managed by a network video recorder allows you to broadcast your security camera footage over the internet. You can see the footage from anywhere in the world and check what is happening on your complexes at any time.

Risks of installing security cameras:

1) Security cameras should not be installed in public places like parking lots, laundry rooms to protect tenant privacy. Keep your tenants door out of your camera’s view.

2) CCTV cameras in outdoors areas can be damaged by inclement weather.

3) Everyday many people enter and exit apartment complexes. So there are chances that vandals can slip in undetected and damage your property or camera system.

Anyone moving into an apartment will expect enough protect especially in a big block which is more unprotected to crime. And the best method of providing protection is by providing CCTV cameras.

CCTV cameras help in monitoring any group of people who are behaving in a strange manner or seem likely to cause trouble in the area of the flats.

Kolkatans acclaimed the city police directive that requires apartments to install CCTVs to increase security.

Apartment In Kolkata are also welcoming CCTV culture. But there are several smaller projects in the city which belong to middle class families. They cannot afford the cost and subsequent maintenance.For instance, a resident of Kolkata found her car badly dented and there was no sign of the culprit at an apartment complex she had visited. She is now among the lucky few because the apartment complex had functional surveillance cameras at strategic locations which helped her to figure out the culprit.Sometimes it is not possible to keep a track of everything happening in a community of over 2,000 families. sometimes, visitors may not make proper entry in the guest register. So in such cases surveillance cameras play an important role.The cameras should be of high definition model with maximum zoom that will help law enforcers with facial recognition of people or number plates of vehicles involved in any criminal activity on the premises. Moreover there should be periodic maintenance to ensure that all the cameras are working fine.

So, residents of apartments across India why wait? Go ahead and install a CCTV camera at your apartment premises and lead a secured life.

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